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The minds behind fitchain

The fitchain team is formed by experts from multidisciplinary environments, such as big data engineering, machine learning and blockchain technology

Matthias de Vriendt

Software Engineer

Matthias De Vriendt has built well over several years of experience as a software engineer, after having concluded his bachelor's degree in Multimedia Technology with a thesis heavily focused on immersive UX experiences and WebGL. Aside from his extensive work as a software engineer with a focus on front-end technologies, he participated in various art fairs and engaged in collaborations with visual artists to explore the intersection between art and engineering. For the past year Matthias has taken up a fascination for data engineering and science, and assisted companies in implementing big data streaming infrastructure and best practices.

Francesco Gadaleta, PhD


Francesco Gadaleta has more than 15 years experience in computer programming and algorithm design. He graduated in computer engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy where he developed novel analytical methods to detect breast cancer BRCA1/2). He has a PhD in Computer Science from University KU Leuven where he designed novel security techniques with virtualization technology (hypervisor). He was member of the advanced analytics team of Johnson&Johnson. He currently hosts podcast datascienceathome, the podcast that "makes artificial intelligence easy for everyone". Francesco graduated as Techstars Alumni, participating to the Techstars Accelerator at Barclays 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa, as the Chief Data Officer of startup

Daan Gerits


Daan Gerits has more than 13 years of software engineering experience, with a major focus on big data and big data engineering. He has grown into a technology leader, pragmatic and hands-on data architect and tinkerer responsible for the design and implentation of big data architectures at multiple telecommunication operators,
service providers and public broadcasters. In 2011 he started together with 7 partners, growing the initiative to a community of thousands of data enthousiasts.
In 2014 he co-founded, a hardware/software startup building desktop-sized clusters for data analytics