How fitchain works

With fitchain, data providers publish the description of the data they want to share and the data science problem they need to solve

Model providers search and apply to the project they want to work on and start building a solution. When done, they submit their solution to data providers

As a new model is trained, the fitchain pod creates logs of the model execution trace to a blockchain-based ledger that is decentralized, tamper-proof and unstoppable.
This is the fitchain proof of training, a set of cryptographic proofs that uniquely identify the new model in the marketplace

fitchain - CLI

Welcome to fitchain-CLI
user@$ fitchain workspace init --name genomics_ws rJmdwXeLm
user@$ fitchain workspace save
user@$ fitchain workspace run

Fitchain comes with a command line interface and a dashboard to connect data, submit and create data science projects, and deploy machine learning models within secure execution environments

Fitchain supports the most flexible and powerful machine learning libraries to allow data scientists write their models in the most comfortable way

Decentralized Private Machine learning

Unlock the power of your data. Decentralize machine learning.

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