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What is fitchain?

With the aid of fitchain,
data scientists can now train machine learning
models on isolated data, and certify them on the blockchain.
Discover how fitchain can help your organization.

Healthcare Providers

In fields like healthcare and pharma, data analytics is more and more a prominent activity where data can carry industrial secrets and sensitive information. With fitchain, your industry moves, but your data doesn't. It stays the way private data was always meant to stay: private

Banking Services

Banks and financial institutions are highly regulated environments in which maintaining ownership of the data to be analyzed is essential to the business. Fitchain allows machine learning on data that you will always own.


Data scientists are constantly in search of fresh data to train and improve experimental models. Fitchain allows scientists to compute models based on data that is otherwise not available if not de-identified or encrypted.

You are here because you want confidentiality

And we understand


Welcome to fitchain-CLI
user@$ fitchain workspace init --name my_workspace rJmdwXeLm
user@$ fitchain workspace save
user@$ fitchain workspace run

Many organizations lack dedicated teams of data scientists to tackle their business challenges. Outsourcing analytics can be risky when data must stay private.
Encryption and obfuscation are not always practical solutions for computationally complex tasks like training machine learning models

Data description

Fitchain allows organizations to publish their business challenges and connect to data scientists who effectively work on a solution

Data isolation

Machine learning models are trained within the organization so that data stays isolated, private and protected at the source

Model identity

Trained models are uniquely identified with cryptographic proofs on public or permissible blockchain ledgers

Model sharing

Trained models can be shared and traded in the marketplace via an easy-to-use searchable dashboard or command line interface connected to a cryptocurrency wallet.

One platform

To decentralize Them All

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