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Many organizations lack dedicated teams of data scientists to tackle their business challenges. Outsourcing analytics can be risky when data must stay private. Nothing prevents one with access to the data, from sharing it or leak industrial secrets. Encryption and obfuscation are not practical solutions for computationally complex tasks like training machine learning models


Fitchain allows organizations to publish their business challenges and connect to data scientists who effectively work on a solution. Machine learning models are trained within the organization so that data is isolated, kept private and protected at the source. Trained models are uniquely identified with cryptographic proofs on the blockchain

Machine learning with a mission

During training fitchain builds the identity of the machine learning model (proof-of-train). No confidential information will ever leave the organisation during the process

After training models are encrypted at the source to allow their owners to trade and share them securely with users

Fitchain in a Nutshell

Discover the powerful capabilities of a platform that traces and

identifies machine learning model since their creation


Models that are trained privately require to be validated and verified. Fitchain provides validation with state of the art blockchain technology (proof-of-train)


Model owners can publish and uniquely identify their models with one-way hashing technology. Model users can purchase and securely refer to the model they intend to use


With proof-of-train, every model is released with a certificate and the proofs of its capabilities. This is essential for auditing purposes after training 


Models can be shared and traded on the marketplace via an easy to use searchable dashboard. All models identities are stored on immutable ledger 


We support the most flexible and powerful machine learning libraries to allow data scientists write their models in the language they are most comfortable with. The current fitchain protocol has been developed on top of Ethereum and BigchainDB, for public and federated blockchains.
The fitchain pod that connects data owners to machine learning models, is an enterprise-ready, robust and adaptable component for automated machine learning model execution

Fitchain is useful to many 

Healthcare Providers

In healthcare and pharma, data analytics is more and more a prominent activity. In such domains, data is one of the most important assets, carrying industrial
secrets and sensitive information

Banking Services

Banks and financial institutions are
highly regulated environments in which maintaining ownership of the data to be analysed is essential to the business


Data scientists are constantly in search
of fresh data to train and improve
experimental models. Often such data
is not available if not in de-identified
or encrypted form

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