What is fitchain?

Fitchain builds a marketplace to match data processing and modeling required by organisations, with the best data scientists in the world,
keeping data governance and confidentiality in mind

Train models

Organisations cannot always share their data due to governance and confidentiality. Therefore large amounts of data are locked inside organisations, without any possibility for data scientists to extract knowledge and value.

Fitchain makes it possible to analyse data that are otherwise locked in the organisation, keeping it within the organisation's infrastructure.

Monetize data

Organisations who allow data scientists to train their models, usually have to reveal their data together with their industrial secrets. An ideal process consists in making data available while keeping it private, and exchange it for models, fiat or cryptocurrency.

Fitchain facilitates the process of data sharing without disclosing any secret.

Monetize models

In the data-model marketplace, data scientists can monetize their machine learning models, training them on interesting datasets and challenging problems.

Fitchain makes model sharing easy for the data scientist who wants to monetize her models easily and quickly.


Models that are executed out of the data scientist's control need to be validated and verified. Submitted code must be executed as is, and a security mechanism must guarantee that it is not tampering with local infrastructure.

Fitchain guarantees code execution transparency and model validation with state of the art blockchain technology (proof-of-train)

Data Science with a mission

With fitchain, organisations can unlock the value of their data instantly, connecting them to a global pool of data scientists to effectively work on a solution and train their models. No confidential information will ever leave the organisation, who can keep their industrial secrets while experiencing the benefits of predictive analytics.

With a team of experts in AI and blockchain technology, fitchain allows highly regulated environments like Healthcare&Pharma, R&D and Banking to take advantage of machine learning, without giving up confidentiality

Our Technology

We support the most flexible and powerful machine learning libraries to allow data scientists write their models in the language they are most comfortable with. We developed our protocol on top of Ethereum and BigchainDB for public and federated blockchains. The fitchain pod is an enterprise-ready, robust and adaptable component for automated machine learning model execution. Using the fitchain infrastructure, our partners are enabled to easily build secure environments for new and powerful machine learning models to be trained.

Fitchain is useful to many

Banking Services

Banks and financial institutions are highly regulated environments in which maintaining ownership of the data to be analysed is essential to the business

Healthcare Providers

In healthcare and pharma, data analytics is more and more a prominent activity. In such domains, data is one of the most important assets, carrying industrial secrets and sensitive information


Data scientists are constantly in search of fresh data to train and improve experimental models. Often such data is not available if not in de-identified or encrypted form